Trusses Custom Built For You

You can trust in our expert craftsmen to help you build timber trusses to your design.

Choose from rough-sawn or smooth logs or timbers. We offer a variety of plates including steel gusset plates with hidden connections. If you’re undecided about the finished look of your trusses, contact us and we can share photos of previous work. We’re happy to help you find the right finish for your project.

Once you’ve contacted us and placed your order, your pre-built trusses will arrive at your site ready for installation.


  • Round Timber Trusses
  • Cut Timber Trusses
  • Smooth Timber Trusses
  • Rough Hewn Timber Trusses
  • Pre-finishing available


  • Scissor Truss
  • Queen Post Truss
  • King Post Truss
  • Barn Truss
  • Roof Truss


We offer a variety of timber truss connections or can build with connections you supply to us. Contact us today for more information.

  • Steel Plates
  • Hidden Connections

Commercial Construction

Pre-engineered to your specifications and delivered to your site. Call us to discuss truss prices and our delivery specifications.

Truss Prices

As every project is different, we work with you directly to determine your best price. Contact us today to discuss your dimensions and truss design requirements today.







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We can help you with nearly any look you’re trying to achieve. If you can dream it, we can supply it. Just ask!

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Watch Our Videos to Learn More About Our Products