Trim & Corners

Achieving a full log home look without the expense is easy when you complete your log home with the right trim and corners. We offer a variety of trim and corners to match full log or half log and quarter log installations.

For Log Siding Exterior Trim, choose from:

  • butt & pass corners
  • saddle notch corners

For your Log Siding Interior trim, choose from:

  • Cedar vertical post corner
  • Pine vertical post corner

Don’t Forget Windows & Doors Need Log Trim, too!

Our versatile log siding trim is shaped like a “D” to give your log home trim and corners the look of a full log home without the expense. Our D-trim comes in a variety of sizes and may be used on your interior and exterior log home installation.

Exterior requires 3″ and 4″ trims
Interior requires 2″ trim used with our interior tongue and groove paneling, interior window and doors and base trim.

D-trim options include:

  • cedar trim
  • pine trim
  • hand-hewn finish
  • smooth finish
  • sized 4×6, 4×4, 3×6, 3×4, 2×6 and 2×4
  • pre-finished or unfinished

Installation is Easy

All our trim is created with easy installation in mind. Contact us if you have questions about placing your order or installing your log home trim.

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We can help you with nearly any look you’re trying to achieve. If you can dream it, we can supply it. Just ask!

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Add pre-finishing to your trim & corners






Pine Cedar Hand Hewn Pre-Finished
2×4 x x x x
2×6 x x x x
3×4 x x x x
3×6 x x x x
4×4 x x x x
4×6 x x x x
5×6 x x x x

Maximum length on D-Trim is 8′ – 10′

Vertical Corners

Pine Cedar Pre-Finished
6×6×8 x x x
6×6×10 x x x
8×8×8 x x x
8×8×10 x x x

Butt & Pass Corners

Butt & Pass Hand Hewn Pre-Finished
Pine Cedar
6×6 “DD” x x x x
6×8 “DD” x x x x
8×8 “DD” x x x x

Saddle Notch

Saddle Notch Hand Hewn Pre-Finished
Pine Cedar
6×6 “DD” x x x x
8×8 “DD” x x x x





Watch Our Videos to Learn More About Our Products